Eastern Ukraine, May 2014. Part of the Donbas region falls to Russia-backed separatist militants. Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseyev reports for various media outlets from Donetsk, his hometown. In May 2017, he is kidnapped and spends 962 days in detention, mainly in a former cultural center converted into a prison called Izolyatsia – or Isolation. There he starts writing a book describing what is happening in that secret prison being used as a concentration camp.

The documentary provides an insight into Stanislav's life after the prisoner exchange in December 2019. He finishes his book and finally comes to the I-ZONE cultural center in Kyiv – after the Russia-backed separatist militants seized the territory of Izolyatsia in Donetsk, the Cultural Foundation moved to the capital of Ukraine. Looking around the premises of the cultural center to arrange the future presentation of his book there, Stanislav compares the buildings in Donetsk and Kyiv, and the memories from the pages of his book obtain new features...



#standwithukraine - Donations for Ukraine

Currently Russia is waging a large-scale war of aggression against Ukraine, and with it against the protagonists of our film. Those who want to help and support Ukraine can do so at the following addresses:

The Izolyatsia Foundation and its cultural center I-ZONE, the location of our film, collects donations and distributes them where they are most needed - quickly and unbureaucratically.

The Voices of Children organization is committed to providing psychotherapeutic treatment for children traumatized in war.

The RescueNOW organization evacuates war-affected people from eastern Ukraine.

Docudays UA is one of the most important film festivals in Ukraine. With a donation you support the cultural work in a war-torn country.

At high risk, a private team of volunteers, filmmakers and friends of our team organize aid in the war zone.